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If you have a project that requires thinking outside-the-box, IBS can help.

Often times, a creative approach to a problem can yield a better solution than the industry standard method. This is precisely what we pride ourselves on at IBS – innovative solutions that work.

Through an extensive communication process with our clients, we are able to truly understand what they want and need to accomplish. From there, we tap in to our years of industry experience, and provide a custom, design-build solution with a detailed plan on how to deliver it.

Laser Labs

Very tight environmental controls for your critical experiments.

Focus on your research

Minimize environmental variables in your data.

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Medical Centers

We help you meet IDPH and JCAHO standards.

Operating suites & patient rooms

Critical pressurization, airflow, temperature and humidification.

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Ensure a safe environment for your research.

Research Labs

Meeting Biological Safety Level 3 criteria.

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Food Processing, Libraries, Museums, Zoos, Retail & more.

We listen to you

Meeting your unique needs across a variety of industries.

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“Interactive Building Solutions has proven time and time again that their team of experts can truly identify, analyze and come up with cost effective beneficial resolutions for our facility. Working with the IBS team is truly a pleasure.”

LaMar Davis, M.S.CHFM, CHSP, CHC, Director, Facilities & Support Services at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab (formerly the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago)

Laser Labs

Many of our clients are members of the scientific community that have very specific requirements for their laboratory environments.

Our systems minimize environmental variables to a point where researchers can truly focus on collecting data without fear that environmental ‘hiccups’ have unknowingly tainted their experimental data. This type of stability gives researchers unmatched freedom to perform their science and go beyond what they ever thought was possible.

IBS has designed and built several laser labs at the University of Chicago that hold temperature variations to as little as 0.15ºF standard deviation, and a relative humidity standard deviation of 0.5 at multiple locations throughout the lab. These values are verified and substantiated continuously with independent redundant monitoring equipment by the scientists themselves.

Temperature Trends at Greg Engel Lab

Greg Engel Lab at the University of Chicago

Medical Centers

In hospital operating suites, and isolation and patient rooms, the key environmental needs are for pressurization, airflow temperature and humidity according to IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) and JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) standards.

We serve a critical environmental specialist role to ensure that regulatory obligation—such as design, control validation, testing and balancing, and all reports—are up to standard.

Operating Suite

Patient Room

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