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Making Precision Work for You

We treat our customers as critical partners. Your problems are our problems. We are there for you whether that is showing up in the middle of the night when your boiler breaks down, providing preventative maintenance, training your staff or anything else you need.

Service Agreements

Budget and schedule regular service visits to keep your building running like it should.

Service and Savings

Service Agreements are the most cost-effective way to maintain your building.

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IBS is a one-stop-shop for all the services you need for a successful project.

Complete Project Solutions

IBS can supply, Mechanical, Electrical, Controls & Engineering services

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General Contractor

Planning, Managing and Executing your Construction Project.

Complete Project Solutions

City of Chicago Licensed General Contractor.

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A critical step to make sure you get precisely what you paid for.

Unbiased Expertise

Get an independent, expert assessment of project installation & functionality.

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Service Agreements

At IBS, we’re committed to ensuring that your building has the best possible schemes, algorithms, programs, and settings to operate the building efficiently and comfortably. Over time, maintaining and enhancing the system can provide added features and benefits, better information, increased comfort, and energy savings.

  • Protect your investment

  • Maintain optimum efficiency

  • Increase the lifespan of the system

  • Identify small problems before they escalate

  • Keep energy use low

  • Minimize untimely breakdowns

  • Utilize system data to manage your building

  • Provide expert advice on how to maintain your system for optimum performance


We specialize in providing Design/Build services. IBS has an array of on staff Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Process and Systems Engineers as required. Our in house engineering staff is able to assess your needs, develop a feasible solution/design and work with our team of construction Project Managers to economically deliver a completed project.

IBS has completed numerous Design/Build projects in various markets in not only the Chicagoland area but throughout the country as well. IBS excels in and is unmatched in our ability to deliver top notch Critical Environmental projects for our clients. Our unwavering commitment to continual development of our design methodology and overall delivery process has allowed IBS to be recognized as the premier Laser Laboratory specialist in the country.

Not only does IBS handle projects requiring such extreme precision and high levels of detail, we tackle the everyday issues that arise for all of our clients as well.

General Contractor

As a general contractor, IBS plays a crucial role on a construction project. We make sure it is properly planned, managed and executed. We ensure the project scope is correctly defined and budgeted. We also identify potential construction challenges and determine priorities.

We involve our subcontractors early in the process to gather input about project details. We ensure the bids reflect a fair market price for the work and that accurate schedules are set.

IBS is a City of Chicago Licensed General Contractor.


What do you want out of a Building Automation project? It could be a high level of technology to sell to tenants. It could be lower operating costs or LEED certification, but without sacrificing performance. It could be greater security.

Whatever your goals are, using IBS in the commissioning process is the best way to make sure you get the project results you need.

Our unbiased expertise gives you an independent, expert assessment of project installation, functionality, training, and service activities. Our work doesn’t add to the scope of the contract. Instead, by promoting timely completion and minimizing rework and retesting, we typically improve cost-effectiveness.

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