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Building Reopening – ASHRAE HVAC Guidelines

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ASHRAE has published Building Readiness Information that provides practical information and checklists for how your building should be operating and how to practically check its HVAC operation. ASHRAE documents include guidance for implementing measures to limit the spread of viruses like COVID-19 including: Airflow Patterns and Pressurization Filtration Temperature and

A Climate for Success at Engel Labs

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A “Critical Environment” challenge at the University of Chicago Background When Dr. Gregory Engel moved his research lab from the University of California at Berkeley to the University of Chicago, it was with the promise that he could design his own lab. This was not a small matter. Dr. Engel and his researchers study

Can Design be Modern and Classic?

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The Women’s Athletic Club says “Yes!” Founded in 1898, the Woman’s Athletic Club was the first athletic club for women in the nation. The building’s architecture illustrates the sophisticated urban ambience of North Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The organization is steadfast in retaining the character and grace of the original design but also demands